Direct Mail

We’ve been in direct mail business for 23 years within the auto industry.  We work with 5 printers to keep the fresh ideas coming.  We’ve done business in every state in U.S. and with 3 OEMs: BMW, Chrysler Corp. and Nissan.

We can provide:

Saturation Mail – This will create tons of traffic.  This is best for a staff that can turn gift seekers to shoppers and shoppers to buyers.

Event Style Mailers – These include gaming panels with insured prizes, add-ons such as scratch-offs, pull-tab cards and black metal keys.  We focus on targeting consumers for these types of mailers that include Name only list (which excludes “current resident”), income filter, household value filter, and single home dwelling unit filter (typically excluding apartments, PO boxes and trailer parks) giving you a campaign that will drive TONS of floor traffic to your showroom.  We also offer different sizes and variations of self-mailers.  If you like jumbo mailers or smaller self-mailers let us know and we’ll custom create your next holiday event theme mailer.

Targeted Mail – Get mail right to the best customers to increase your ROI.

Buyback – Best to get trade-ins and sell new cars.  All of our Buyback or Trade Up offers feature variable information to speak directly to the customer on a one-to-one basis.  These mailers allow for the use of the customer’s name, vehicle information by year, make and model, as well as using KBB or Black Book appended values.  Additionally for states that don’t allow the use of a potential “up to” value offers based on a trade-in appended number we would suggest our 100% of original base MSRP.

Credit Mailers – Many consumers have given up and don’t believe they can buy a car until they get an offer from you.

Early-Lease Termination

Refinance Mailers

4-Square Letters

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