4 square online

Now your website can show shoppers the cars they can afford, with real monthly payments.

Customers can instantly view all inventory they qualify for, with their actual monthly payment (not an estimate), based on:

  • Their real full credit bureau, using instant “soft pull” with no SSN, DOB, or impact on customer credit (link to bureau also delivered to your CRM)
  • Your tiered Bank/OEM finance/lease programs (with full rebates/incentives, compatibility and stack ability, as well as customized dealer rate participation)
  • Automated trade-in equity calculation

Customers can search and filter in real time by changing financing parameters and vehicle preferences.


Dealers are seeing great results*

  • Lead volume up 25%–40%
  • Lead engagement >75%
  • Appointment-to-show >80%
  • Lead-to-close ratios >20%
  • Front-end profit up 25%
  • Back-end profit up 33%


  • No Haggling, Higher Selling Prices
  • Full Credit Spectrum Customers
  • 24/7 Selling Capabilities
  • Higher Conversions
  • Higher CSI Scores
  • Higher F&I and Accessory Penetration

Add more power to your website with this advanced calculator.