Social Media

We have proven that using social media is a more effective way to reach more consumers and turn them into shoppers for your store.

Using social media can be far less expensive as traditional advertising sources such as TV, radio, billboards and newspaper.  The growing trend is that more people are spending time on social media… to keep up with their network of friends and family, and get their news.

The average consumer is on Facebook 17 times a day.

The challenge is how to get through the clutter in social media to have an impact and generate more shoppers.  That’s why we use Tier 1 quality creative to stop the consumer on social media long enough to get engaged in your ads.  We create 20-30 ads per month for each store to target specific demographics.  Our Corporate, University and Hospital program will create a strong loyalty between their employees and your store.  This will create bond between the shoppers and your brand.  These will not be shoppers shared with other dealers in your market like a third-party lead provider.  This will help you get comfortable with cutting out advertising budget going to third party lead providers.

One of the main reasons to building a strong brand for your overall company is to get consumers to buy from you for reasons other than price.

If you are boosting on Facebook you might be frustrated with the results because:

  • You can’t select your objective
  • You can’t create a custom audience
  • Your targeting options are watered down
  • You can’t select your placement
  • You can’t select what days and/or times you want your ad to show
  • You can’t cap the frequency of your ad
  • You can’t accelerate ad’s budget
  • You can’t choose how you get charged
  • You have no option for a daily budget
  • You can’t execute a complex marketing strategy

This is why our approach is so much more superior to what you’ve used up to now.