Digital Marketing with Direct Mail

Direct Mail is still an effective way to market to potential customers because it creates urgency and fills up the showroom. We also know Digital Marketing is taking over the way we market in today’s busy world.
We have designed a Digital Marketing Program that will dramatically help boost your Direct Mail.

Why use Digital Marketing?

• The Facebook audience in the U.S. alone is 214 million users; the average user is on Facebook 17 times per day.
• The average internet user spends nearly 2 hours browsing social media networks daily.
• Reading or writing social media reviews and comments will influence the shopping behavior of 67% of consumers. (Source: Google Data)
• 26% of customers will return to a site through retargeting.
• Over a third of email subscribers read their newsletters exclusively on mobile devices.
• 90% of people who are interested in a product or service go to the company’s website first before calling or visiting the brick and mortar location.
• 94% of all adults online use email; 91% of consumers check their email daily
• 66% of consumers made a purchase online as a result of an email marketing message.
• Email marketing was the top channel for increase in digital marketing spend over the last year, with 61% of marketers increasing their investment. (Source: Campaign Monitor)

How Does Digital Marketing Boost My Direct Mail Campaign?

• We match your Direct Mail list to the prospect’s Facebook account so the prospect will see ads in Facebook before the mail hits and during the event to remind them to come in.
• We target Facebook prospects that have been online shopping for your make and model or used cars.
• We target additional prospects that match the mail list and send ads to them for the event.
• We will also capture leads from ads that are served to potential customers in Facebook. We will send them emails and re-target them to continually remind them to come to your event.
• We will share lead information generated from the Facebook ads to your BDC and Sales Reps for follow-up.

Facebook Re-targeting

• According to Google Analytics, 96% of unique website visitors will leave without taking any sort of action.
• Every time a new visitor clicks on the ad, the code drops and anonymous browser cookie.
• When your cookied visitor browses the Web, the cookie will let your retargeting provider know when to serve ads.
• This ensures that your ads are only served to people who have clicked on an ad.
• We re-target anyone who clicked on any ad or goes to any page built off of an ad by placing cookies inside certain pages and links.
• If they don’t engage we will serve them another ad to get them engaged.


Facebook Messenger

• Messenger has doubled the number of users in the last two years.
• Facebook Messaging is an automatic follow-up system after someone clicks on your ads.
• It sends reminders of sales events, specials and appointments.