CRM Reanimation

Transform your dirty data in your CRM into car sales and service business!!

With CRM Reanimation:

  • Give us your dirty data, dead, inactive, lost files in your CRM that your staff has given up on
  • We will clean, update and append the worthless data in your CRM
  • We will revive lost opportunities for sales and service with our advertising
  • You can EXPECT to sell another 10-20 vehicles per month and write 30-40 services RO’s

With our PAY FOR PERFORMANCE program, you will only pay us for cars you sold each month (you don’t pay us for service business)

Used Inventory

We have a source of late model, low mileage, payment used cars for dealers.  These are typically sold at a premium at the auctions, so get them before everyone else starts bidding on them!  Contact us for details.


What Does MY BDC Cost the Dealership?

Monthly Comparison Based of 500 leads

BDC StructureDealership BDCOur BDC
4 BDC Agents & 1 BDC Manager$20,000 (Employee Salary Expense)Included
Monthly Employee Benefits$2,500 ($500 x 5)Included
Work Stations and PCs$1,000 (5)Included
Sick/Vacation Pay$825 (1.25 paid days)Included
IT Support and Training$1,000 (5)Included
Total Service Cost$25,325 ($51 per lead)$15,000 ($30 per lead)
Average Closing Rate25 Cars (National Average 5% Closing)60 Cars (Average 12% Conversion)

Our BDC Advantage:

  • The generation of appointments from your internet, chat, inbound phone traffic and showroom ups with our state of the art technology framed within your CRM and our professionally trained BDC staff.
  • We maintain a sizeable, fully trained staff which allows for effective interaction with your dealership staff.
  • A complete 120 day sales cycle communication with the customer, which includes phone calls and customized dealer branded, and model specific emails.
  • Monthly performance training, process management and dealer strategy meeting with management teams.
  • Available 24/7 – 365 days per year to handle your leads and other after hour services.
  • Frequent performance reporting through your CRM database allows for accurate forecasting.
  • Customized email campaigns, available from within your CRM.

Accurate measured results daily, weekly and monthly.

Capture Your Competitor’s Leads

Target your competitor’s website traffic… and bring it to your website.

Dealers spend $10,000 to $30,000 a month to get traffic to their website.  We have the ability to capture the data.  We then advertise to them and bring them to you.

Social Media

We have proven that using social media is a more effective way to reach more consumers and turn them into shoppers for your store.

Using social media can be far less expensive as traditional advertising sources such as TV, radio, billboards and newspaper.  The growing trend is that more people are spending time on social media… to keep up with their network of friends and family, and get their news.

The average consumer is on Facebook 17 times a day.

The challenge is how to get through the clutter in social media to have an impact and generate more shoppers.  That’s why we use Tier 1 quality creative to stop the consumer on social media long enough to get engaged in your ads.  We create 20-30 ads per month for each store to target specific demographics.  Our Corporate, University and Hospital program will create a strong loyalty between their employees and your store.  This will create bond between the shoppers and your brand.  These will not be shoppers shared with other dealers in your market like a third-party lead provider.  This will help you get comfortable with cutting out advertising budget going to third party lead providers.

One of the main reasons to building a strong brand for your overall company is to get consumers to buy from you for reasons other than price.

If you are boosting on Facebook you might be frustrated with the results because:

  • You can’t select your objective
  • You can’t create a custom audience
  • Your targeting options are watered down
  • You can’t select your placement
  • You can’t select what days and/or times you want your ad to show
  • You can’t cap the frequency of your ad
  • You can’t accelerate ad’s budget
  • You can’t choose how you get charged
  • You have no option for a daily budget
  • You can’t execute a complex marketing strategy

This is why our approach is so much more superior to what you’ve used up to now.

Direct Mail with Social Media

Direct Mail is as effective today as it was 10 years ago.

But rather than do more mail further from your store, spend advertising dollars on touching your best prospects multiple times… those same prospects that will come to your store.

Boost your direct mail response with using social media a couple weeks prior to your event and during your event to remind them of the mail piece they received.

Did you know that you can get more specific on who you serve ads to on Facebook then a direct mail list?  We create 20-30 ads per campaign to make them more relevant to all the different type of people in your market.

The targeting abilities in Facebook are endless.

Here are few ideas:

  • We can increase your audience beyond the direct mail list by creating a “look alike audience”
  • We can target people by year, make and model and serve a buyback message
  • We can serve Spanish ads to those that are Hispanic
  • We can target soccer mom’s with minivans
  • We can target special credit offers to those that have credit issues
  • We will create a buyer’s program with local business, universities, hospitals and military bases to your dealership

Make your direct mail campaigns that much more effective with our combined marketing strategy.

Ringless Voicemail

Get into the pocket of your customers… by dropping a message directly into the recipient’s mailbox without ringing the phone

  • Cost Effective A Ringless Voicemail costs much less than paying an employee to call each person on your list
  • Non-Intrusive 100% compliant with FCC regulations and we verify the phone number on the National DoNot Call List
  • Personal Touch Create and record your own personal message or have one of our specialists assist you. By recording your own message, it creates a marketing campaign that is more personal that direct mail or email
  • Success – 96% listen rate with 10-14% response rates of call back
  • Extensive leads – Phone lists consist of Dealer DMS and bought lists
  • Tracking Results – We provide inbound tracking of calls missed and connected

We can even provide a call center to schedule the appointments.

Direct Mail

We’ve been in direct mail business for 23 years within the auto industry.  We work with 5 printers to keep the fresh ideas coming.  We’ve done business in every state in U.S. and with 3 OEMs: BMW, Chrysler Corp. and Nissan.

We can provide:

Saturation Mail – This will create tons of traffic.  This is best for a staff that can turn gift seekers to shoppers and shoppers to buyers.

Event Style Mailers – These include gaming panels with insured prizes, add-ons such as scratch-offs, pull-tab cards and black metal keys.  We focus on targeting consumers for these types of mailers that include Name only list (which excludes “current resident”), income filter, household value filter, and single home dwelling unit filter (typically excluding apartments, PO boxes and trailer parks) giving you a campaign that will drive TONS of floor traffic to your showroom.  We also offer different sizes and variations of self-mailers.  If you like jumbo mailers or smaller self-mailers let us know and we’ll custom create your next holiday event theme mailer.

Targeted Mail – Get mail right to the best customers to increase your ROI.

Buyback – Best to get trade-ins and sell new cars.  All of our Buyback or Trade Up offers feature variable information to speak directly to the customer on a one-to-one basis.  These mailers allow for the use of the customer’s name, vehicle information by year, make and model, as well as using KBB or Black Book appended values.  Additionally for states that don’t allow the use of a potential “up to” value offers based on a trade-in appended number we would suggest our 100% of original base MSRP.

Credit Mailers – Many consumers have given up and don’t believe they can buy a car until they get an offer from you.

Early-Lease Termination

Refinance Mailers

4-Square Letters

Previous Customer Letters

4 square online

Now your website can show shoppers the cars they can afford, with real monthly payments.

Customers can instantly view all inventory they qualify for, with their actual monthly payment (not an estimate), based on:

  • Their real full credit bureau, using instant “soft pull” with no SSN, DOB, or impact on customer credit (link to bureau also delivered to your CRM)
  • Your tiered Bank/OEM finance/lease programs (with full rebates/incentives, compatibility and stack ability, as well as customized dealer rate participation)
  • Automated trade-in equity calculation

Customers can search and filter in real time by changing financing parameters and vehicle preferences.


Dealers are seeing great results*

  • Lead volume up 25%–40%
  • Lead engagement >75%
  • Appointment-to-show >80%
  • Lead-to-close ratios >20%
  • Front-end profit up 25%
  • Back-end profit up 33%


  • No Haggling, Higher Selling Prices
  • Full Credit Spectrum Customers
  • 24/7 Selling Capabilities
  • Higher Conversions
  • Higher CSI Scores
  • Higher F&I and Accessory Penetration

Add more power to your website with this advanced calculator.

Fixed Ops

Automotive Aftermarket Service – Fixed Platform Overview

There are several issues today facing the franchised dealer service departments.

  • Massive decline in service retention; 21% nationally and dropping
  • Huge competition from national repair chains and independents
  • Service intervals are now much further out with the introduction of better built vehicles, synthetic oil, etc.
  • Lack of trust from consumers in general
  • Perception is that the dealer is far more expensive than local repair chains
  • Time factor just takes too long at the dealer
  • Dealers are getting crushed digitally by national repair chains online
  • Not enough service information on dealer’s website for the consumer to decide on whether to have service done at the dealership

Why are these issues and why are all manufacturers all over this?

  • In 2015 65% of all new car buyers switched from the previous brand owned.  There were 10% who were first time buyers and only 25% remained brand loyal.  This 25% that remained brand loyal is very close to the national service retention number of 21%.
  • In a CNW research study of GM owners on service loyalty and future sales, they found that consumers who frequently serviced with the selling dealer became repeat vehicle buyers 86% of the time.  If the consumer never serviced with the selling dealer they became repeat buyers on 8% of the time.
  • This is an overlooked opportunity in the auto industry.  Increase focus on cultivating current customers rather than hunting for new ones; it can be expensive to conquest a new customer.

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